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Needs and Solutions are Identified through
Facilitated Dialog, Analysis & Mediation

Mission: Facilitating constructive solutions.
  • In cases when conflict needs to be resolved, mediation techniques are used to create legally binding agreements.
  • We lead facilitated discussions to develop mission, vision, and values statements; carry out strategic planning; and to fine-tune organizational dynamics. The goal is to discern the wisdom of the group and to transform it into constructive action.

Constructive Agreement's proven facilitation, analytic, and mediation processes have helped corporations, non-profits, and governmental agencies (federal, state, and local levels) achieve their goals. In addition to government agencies and corporations, we work with family businesses and families.

Our successful facilitations, mediations, and negotiations have resulted in:

  • dynamic team building
  • effective mission, vision, and values statements
  • community, natural resource, and environmental alignment
  • organizational needs assessments
  • IT and technical needs analysis, reporting, and mediation
  • natural resources agreements
  • parenting plans
  • solutions for children in need of care

Bridging disorder and disagreement, Chris Hahn, Ph.D., MBA, strives to help organizations, corporations, and families resolve their conflicts and challenges in the most constructive manner. Facilitation helps catalyze collaborative brainstorming, problem solving, and high performance, while mediation is the preferred method of dispute resolution when durable agreements are necessary.

Mediation is voluntary and confidential. There is no settlement unless all parties freely agree, while facilitation is indicated in forums and team meetings when court-protected confidentiality is not required.

Dr. Hahn only works on cases in subject areas where he has related expertise. His broad academic and professional experience helps him to help on issues relating to families (aging, divorce & separation, probate, wills, etc.), and organizations, including corporate team-building, strategic and operational plans, workplace disputes, issues relating to natural resources, water rights, and the environment, etc.

He is a Full and Family Certified Mediator with the Montana Mediation Association, on the Supreme Court roster of approved mediators in North Dakota, a member of the Board of Directors of the Montana Mediation Association, and Vice President of the board of the Community Mediation Center in Bozeman. Dr. Hahn's Bachelors Degree is in Geology - his MBA included an emphasis on economics - his Ph.D., in Human Services, culminated in his dissertation on successful consensus building in difficult circumstances.

  • Parties in a dispute generally reach superior outcomes when mediation is successfully used before resorting to more judge-like techniques.
  • The use of a neutral facilitator frees groups and teams from roadblocks relating to rank and preconceived positions. Skilled facilitation also provides a proven process to guide discussions systematically toward their intended goal.
  • We are always pleased and thankful when our alternative dispute resolution processes help parties to achieve "constructive agreement".

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