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Mediation and Facilitation for Businesses and Nonprofits

Disagreements and disparate vision can wreak havoc within a board, a management team, and/or staff members. A organization with unresolved conflict can suffer greatly. Collaborative mediation can resolve partner, team, departmental, supplier, and customer conflicts. Franchise, landlord/tenant, family business, and estate disputes can also be resolved through mediation.

If a deeper level of change is desired, organizational facilitation services may be indicated for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies. Mediation is a more formal negotiation to resolve a specific set of issues. Facilitation is a process that best serves more far-reaching organizational needs; such as, the organization's need to clarify its mission, vision, goals, strategic plans and action plans. Many organizations—such as government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations—may require a combination of both processes. A comprehensive needs assessment may be required to better determine specific strategies.

Relationships among principals and team members are complex and can incorporate all aspects of business and managerial issues. Mediation and/or facilitation can help resolve conflicts constructively outside of the courts. Dr. Hahn's extensive background in management and organizational development spans different nonprofit and for-profit categories.

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