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"All organizations function best when there is a unity of purpose. This is especially true in faith-based organizations that bring together shared religious beliefs and traditions to create a community of like-minded believers.  (C. Hahn)

Faith-based Mediation
within Congregations and between Congregations


Members of faith-based congregations come together for spiritual growth, fellowship, and mutual support. These communities provide their members love and a sense of purpose in good times and bad. They are unified through shared beliefs and common doctrines. But conflict can be toxic. Disputes can invade the common belief system and wreak havoc on interpersonal dynamics. The congregation can be harmed in many ways, sometimes to the point of splitting or dissolving.

There are two major areas where professional mediation by Dr. Christopher Hahn can enhance and improve faith-based communities.
(1)  The resolution of conflict and reconciliation within a congregation and between staff members.
(2)  Bringing together two or more congregations through the facilitation of collaboration and forward-thinking strategies. Current or historical conflicts between factions and congregations may need resolution before cooperative activities can really get going. In some situations, the synergy may be so strong that congregational mergers may result.

Christopher P. Hahn, Ph.D., MBA, is a professional mediator based in Bozeman, Montana. He combines his well-practiced mediation skills with his interpersonal and organizational experience to help resolve a wide variety of conflicts.
During mediation, Dr. Hahn works with the parties to solve their disputes
   (a) through controlled discourse and respectful listening,
   (b) by helping all parties to gain insights and a fresh perspective of "the other side",
   (c) by creating a non-threatening brainstorming atmosphere to explore possible solutions,
   (d) to fine-tune and finalize a written solution.

Christian and Jewish teachings and traditions are deeply supportive of mediation. Aaron, the brother of Moses, was known as a pursuer of peace and is recognized as Judaism's first mediator.* For Christians, Jesus is the ultimate mediator between God and humans. There are many passages in the Old and New Testaments that support mediation. Dr. Hahn relies on this doctrinal base to help bring reconciliation to faith-based individuals and groups. He finds this type of work energizing, enjoyable, and meaningful. (*Ben-Zvi, D., Mediation's Deep Jewish Roots, Jewish Journal, December 12, 2013)

Dr. Hahn is not a theologian, but he has a lifetime of experience in churches across the United States. (He currently is a member of Springhill Presbyterian Church in Bozeman, MT.) Dr. Hahn does not give legal, psychological, or theological advice during mediations - he remains neutral. He relies on the participants in each mediation to provide any theological input that may be relevant to their denomination and situation. Dr. Hahn appreciates the diversity of these discussions; and as necessary, may facilitate discussions on deep, complex, and meaningful levels. Mediations are confidential in civil and faith-based cases.

Chris Hahn enjoys helping conflicted parties through mediation... fostering as much respect and dignity as possible. He is a Full and Family Certified Mediator with the Montana Mediation Association, on the Supreme Court roster of approved mediators in North Dakota, a member of the Board of Directors of the Montana Mediation Association, and Vice President of the Board of the Community Mediation Center in Bozeman. Dr. Hahn's Ph.D. is in human services with a mental health focus, he is not a psychologist, lawyer, or therapist and does not provide these services. When these services are indicated, he may refer to other professionals; and sometimes, include them in the mediation process.

Parties in a dispute generally reach superior outcomes when alternative dispute resolution techniques are used before resorting to more judge-like techniques.

To contact Chris Hahn about mediation
e-mail or call (406) 522-4143.
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