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Dispute Resolution for Intellectual Property Conflicts Involving Patents, Trademarks, etc.


Dr. Chris Hahn was the co-founder and president of a software technology company for 15 years. During this time he helped manage intellectual property issues including trademarks and patents. As a co-inventor on the application, he wrote many of the narratives and prepared many graphics used in the successful establishment of a server-level patent (Hahn, et al., #6,725,446). This tradmark and patent work was done with a leading national-level law firm located near the US Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, VA.

Increasingly, attorneys are saving their individual clients, businesses, and nonprofit organizations money by facilitating superior outcomes through alterntative dispute resolution (ADR) interventions. Dr. Hahn's direct experience with software developement, trademarks, and patents allows him to understand the process of intellectual property protection.

As an experienced alternative dispute resolution professional, Dr. Hahn uses essentially the same process in all mediation cases. The issues, facts, and technologies vary widely from case to case in fascinating ways. His experience with mediation predated his Ph.D., which directly contributed to his ADR skills.

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