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Natural Resources Mediation, Facilitation, & Conflict Resolution

Oil and gas, coal, water, hard rock minerals, timber, farmland, and other natural resources are fundamentally important to our economy and the lifestyle we enjoy in the United States; however, the exploration for and exploitation of natural resources sometimes leads to conflicts with other companies, land owners,the environment, and water rights. It can be necessary and valuable to periodically reduce tensions between competing natural resource companies, between companies and local land owners, and between those wishing to extract natural resources and environmental protection groups.

The issues are complex and the financial stakes are often significant. National security, legal, and political concerns often make the resolution of disputes more convoluted.

Dr. Hahn appreciates the challenge of peeling away the technical, financial, legal, and environmental layers that have gotten in the way of a resolution of natural resource related conflicts. His professional experience in natural resources allows him to be able to understand the language and science involved. He works as a neutral mediator to research and explore the root cause of the conflict so he can help the parties come to mutually agreeable settlements.

Preparation for mediation may include legal briefs and work with in-house personnel in each corporation if the dispute is between or within corporations; however, many mediations are much more direct and straightforward when they are between individuals and/or small organizations.

Natural resource and environmental management issues can be intense and explosive. The goal of mediation is to manage conflict in a manner that will bring the conflicted parties together to explore the facts and work out their differences. Innovative and mutually-agreeable solutions that often emerge during mediation sessions can facilitate problem solving and the restoration of relationships.

About Mediation:  Careful listening and studious attention to the issues allows the mediator to help craft mutually-acceptable agreements that satisfy the most fundamental needs and wants of each party. Complex mediations encompass far more than compromise. Success also involves careful preparation combined with creativity and a positive focus on the goal.   Chris Hahn, Ph.D., MBA

About the mediator: Dr. Hahn's blending of education and experience has uniquely qualified him to mediate disputes involving natural resources including land conflicts, mineral rights, water rights, reclamation, and the environment.

His educational training provides him with a technical vocabulary, competence in the process of scientific reasoning, and interpersonal insight into human behaviors. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Geology, Master's Degree in Business Administration, and Ph.D. in Human Services (mental health focus).

His corporate, managerial, and entrepreneurial experience spans nearly three decades. He worked directly in the natural resource industry as a landman for Conoco and as the Manager of Mineral Lands for Homestake Mining Company's exploration division. In these roles he worked directly with land acquisition and leasing, water rights, environmental assessments and planning, corporate partnerships, and public relations. He always made every effort to use a balanced and fair approach when interacting with land owners and community stakeholders. He is a former member of the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Association.

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