Facilitation and Mediation
Constructive Team Building and Conflict Resolution
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Facilitation, Team-Building, and Mediation
within and between Organizations

Mission: To facilitate consensus-building and alignment
among individuals and organizations in a manner that
advances goal accomplishment for all of the parties.

Years of management, mediation, and facilitation experience, in organizations of all sizes, allows Dr. Chris Hahn to provide effective services as a mediator or facilitator. Dr. Hahn provides a process that helps parties to listen and consider different perspectives. He has worked with for-profit and non-profit organizations, government agencies, entrepreneurial startups, and small family businesses.

When consensus-building is done between organizations, controlled procedures are used to facilitate collaboration. Within organizations, Mission, Vision, and Values Statements help anchor the processes of innovative thinking, problem solving, and consensus-building.

  • Compliance and satisfaction are high with mediated and facilitated agreements
  • A neutral facilitator can allow a fresh look at challenges and opportunities
  • A shared perspective can occur during mediation and facilitation that allows for positions, attitudes and viewpoints to be transformed

Mediation and Facilitation are effective in:

Chris Hahn is a Full and Family Certified Mediator with the Montana Mediation Association, on the Supreme Court roster of approved mediators in North Dakota, a member of the Board of Directors of the Montana Mediation Association, and Vice President of the board of the Community Mediation Center in Bozeman, MT.

To contact Dr. Hahn, e-mail chris@constructiveagreement.com
or call (406) 522-4143.

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