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Mediating Estates - Probate, Family Business, Wills, & Trusts

The distribution of an estate's assets and property, including decisions involving the appointment and performance of the estate's personal representative, can cause conflict and disagreements. The emotions following the death of a family member or friend can elevate the level of discord, especially if the deceased was a person who provided cohesion and leadership in the family.

Pursuing such disputes through litigation in an adversarial format is an option, but it is often time consuming, expensive, and it may not be able to address or resolve many of the root causes of the underlying problem. Fortunately, there is another option... mediation.

Chris Hahn, MBA, Ph.D. mediates disputes involving estates, trusts, conservatorships and/or guardianships to assist family members and those who are involved in estate proceedings. Attorneys, if retained, are usually part of the mediation process.

Chris's mediation style is honed to be comfortable and effective. A side effect of a successful mediation is a lessening of tensions, and sometimes, the rebuilding of relationships following the disruptive loss of a loved one.

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Chris Hahn enjoys helping conflicted parties through mediation... fostering as much respect and dignity as possible. He is a Full and Family Certified Mediator with the Montana Mediation Association, on the Supreme Court roster of approved mediators in North Dakota, a member of the Board of Directors of the Montana Mediation Association, and Vice President of the board of the Community Mediation Center in Bozeman.

To contact Chris Hahn about mediation e-mail
or call (406) 522-4143.

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